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Loventis Hotelsoftware Partner Links


Myallocator is our partnering Channel Manager. Myallocator is cheap, easy to use, reliable and perfectly suitable for Hostels and Low-Budget Hotels. Highly recommended!
Cultuzz is our partnering Channel Manager. Cultuzz is connected with merely any IDS available. Highly recommended for Hotels!
The place where Loventis was born in 2005. Perfect Location in an awesome City.
The best youth hostel on earth.

Software recommendations

Thank you Wikipedia! Without you Loventis would not exist and neither would my Masters Degree. I will continue donating.
This a server operating system! 100% reliable, extremely fast and free. What else do you need?
Desktop operating system. When I first tried it in 2006 or so, I immediately deleted Windows and never used Windows again. This was a huge relief. You should also have a look at Ubuntu.
Free graphic / paint program. It might take some time to get into it, but it is a very professional and powerful tool. I like!
Free, stable and secure Browser.
Free, stable and easy to configure / use mail client.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Fast, stable, powerful and completely free. Highly recommended!
Free Java webserver. Fast, reliable, highly configurable, highly recommended!
JavaScript / Ajax Library, easy to use and powerful. Try it.
JavaScript / Ajax Library, I like it for it's RPC style Ajax calls. Easy web development.
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