Loventis PMS, Channel Manager, Web Booking Engine
Webbased Room Management - for the Front Office in in Hostel and Hotel

Property Management System (PMS)

A handsome occupation table, a powerful guest form, a receipt within one click - at the reception, in the office, everywhere.

The Room Table - Visualization of your Occupation

  • A full month - at a glance
  • Arrivals, departures and unpaid check-ins - immediately visible
  • Information about free rooms and beds - it's a breeze
  • Easy to use - without expensive training
Occupation Plan / Room Plan
green = checked in, paid and done blue = confirmed booking
red = checked in but unpaid light blue = paid in advance
  • Colors and their meaning can be defined by yourself
  • Support for Dorm Rooms (Dormitory / Shared Room )
  • Clicking on an empty box → create new reservation
  • Click on a reservation → Guest-input mask with all information of the reservation opens

The Guest-Input Mask - Compact, flexible and powerful

With the input mask you can manage guests, reservations and print receipts.

The input mask is kept simple. The upper section contains information about the guest (such as name, address, telephone, credit card, notes, ...).

The bottom section gives detailed information on:

  • Baskets and invoices
  • (Room-) Bookings
  • Sold articles (e.g. breakfast)
  • Arrival time
  • Status of the booking
  • Deposits and Discounts
  • Notes
Guest-Input Mask - for reservations and bookings

Print Receipts

The Loventis Property Management System allows you to quickly print self-defined documents (invoices, confirmations, ...) in PDF format or send them as an e-mail.

All services are listed in detail and shown with (or without) tax. You can set different tax rates for bookings and articles. Prices can be defined net or gross.

In addition, invoice texts can be flexibly tailored to each guest.

Invoice, Confirmation, Receipt, ...

More features

Suitable for:

  • Booking statistics and reports
  • Print a day-view
  • For team work: one access per employee
  • Download backups of your data
  • Configure different tax rates
  • Gross or net prices
  • Guest search function
  • Different languages supported
  • Define invoice templates
  • Hotels, Guesthouses
  • Hostels, Inns
  • Apartments, Motels
  • Bed and Breakfast, Hotel Garni

The Loventis Property Management System is also suitable for any other service, that is bookable by day / night, e.g. parking lots, bicycles, cars, or to assign work hours (reception, cleaning plan)

Loventis - Handsome Reservation System
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