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Number of beds Months
1 3 6 12
All prices are per month in EUR
0 - 57.507.006.706.30
6 - 1010.009.509.008.50
11 - 1312.0011.4010.8010.20
14 - 1714.0013.3012.6011.90
18 - 2216.0015.2014.4013.60
23 - 2917.5016.6015.8014.90
30 - 3721.0019.9018.9016.80
38 - 4723.0021.9020.7019.60
48 - 5925.0023.8022.5021.30
60 - 7727.0025.7024.3022.90
78 - 9529.0027.6026.1024.70
96 - 14039.0037.0035.0033.00
141 - 19049.0046.0043.0039.00
191 - 25059.0056.0053.0049.00
251 - 33069.0065.0062.0058.00
331 - 50079.0075.0071.0067.00
501 - 100089.0084.0080.0075.00

For Customers from the European Union: Our offers are focused to hospitality companies, trade, merchants and resellers - Our prices are excluding German VAT.

For Customers from Germany: Unsere Angebote richten sich an Hotellerie, Gastgewerbe, Selbständige und Handel - Unsere Preise verstehen sich zzgl. der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer.

Channel Management requires a Account.

Referral Reward

For the referral of a new Loventis user we will add 3 free months to your account once the new customer paid her first invoice!


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Test Loventis 1 month for free and without obligations.
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Generally: as long as you do not use Loventis productively, you do not have to pay.
E.g.: if you sign up today and your Property opens in 4 months, we will add 4 months free testing time.

What discounts do you offer?

Back-link Discount

Add a link to your Homepage pointing to and get Loventis one category cheaper (move up one row in the prices table).
E.g.: If you have 30-37 beds you get the prices for 23-29 beds.

Competitor Discount

If you find a Property Management System that is cheaper than Loventis we offer you Loventis for the competitor's price minus 10%.

Chain Discount

We offer discounts for customers with 3 or more Loventis Accounts. Please get in touch for more info.

Non-Profit Discount

We offer discounts for charitable, non-profit or similar organizations. Please get in touch for more info.

LDC Discount

We offer discounts for users from Least Developed Countries (LDC). Please get in touch for more info.

How do I cancel my Loventis account?

You do not have to cancel your account. Just stop paying. That's all.

What happens when I stop paying my Loventis account?

Your account will be set to Read-Only and will be disconnected from the channel manager. This means that you can still log in and access all your data but you cannot change anything.

It is at any time YOUR data! You just pay for our service.

We will store your data for 3 years after your last payment. If you want us to delete or keep your data for more or less time, please get in touch.

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